233 N Michigan Ave

233 N Michigan Ave

Wolff Landscape Architecture, Inc.

Chicago, Illinois

The Illinois Center Plaza’s South section has undergone a series of innovative architectural changes to their roof-deck space located at 233 N Michigan Ave. Designer, Wolff Landscape Architecture, Inc., fulfilled their vision with built in benches, curvaceous flower beds, tables and recliners, and beautifully placed green space.

Although innovative design is a must, it was also very important that the high-traffic pedestrian area be extremely durable as well as permeable. Umbriano® was the perfect fit for the project and in combination with the permeable spacers every need was met.

The mottled surface created by the random dispersion of color and granite particles beautifully resembles a natural granite, The selected colors used in the project, Midnight Sky, French Grey, Autumn Sunset, and custom Medium Grey, complement the building structure and its surroundings in a very modern way.