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For preliminary base calculations with criteria base on American Society of Civil Engineers 58-16: Structural Design of Interlock Concrete Pavement for Municipal Streets and Roadways. For more information please review ICPI Tech Spec Structural Design of ICP.

Measurement Option
Design Criteria

The design life of a pavement is the intended years of service from the pavement structure before major rehabilitation

Design Life (Years)

Enter Equivalent Single Axes Loads (ESALs) based on traffic estimates from the chart. View Chart

Subgrade soil

Select the subgrade condition based on the subgrade soil classification, drainage characteristic and resilient modulus data or assumptions per chart. View Chart

Base Type

Select the base type you plan to use in your street design.

Unbound Dense Graded Base

Unbound granular materials are usually crushed stone, crushed slag or concrete.

Asphalt Treated Base

Asphalt treated base is a dense-graded (but more permeable) hot mix asphalt with a wide gradation band and lower asphalt content intended for use as a stabilizing base course.

Cement Treated Base

Cement Treated Base is a mixture of soils and/or aggregates with measured amounts of Portland cement and water that hardens after compaction and curing.

Asphalt Concrete Base

Asphalt Concrete Base is an aggregate, sand and asphalt cement mixture used as a base underneath more pavement courses.

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Input Information
Paver Thickness
Design Life Years
Subgrade Classification
Subgrade Conditions
Base Type
Recommended Design
Pavers and Bedding inchesmm
Asphalt Treated Base inchesmm
Unbound Dense Graded Base inchesmm
Unbound Dense Graded Subbase inchesmm

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DISCLAIMER: The Unilock Paver Base Calculator is for preliminary purposes only and used for budget referencing. Work covered by this standard guideline should be carried out under the guidance of a professional engineer with a background in the design of pavement systems. Contact your local representative for more detailed information for your project. For more information on design methodology, structural design calculations, design tables, assumptions, etc., please review ASTM E2840, ASCE 58-16 and ICPI Tech Spec 4. Development of this calculator was done with the permission of Applied Research Associates, Inc.

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