35 Cambridge Park Drive


35 Cambridge Park Drive was reimagined into a LEED-certified research facility with new ground-floor retail and public space. The footprint of the building was reduced to enhance the pedestrian experience with the addition of green open areas and a hardscape patio complemented by lush softscaping.

In order to create a LEED-certified building, Copley Wolff incorporated several sustainable design elements including, low-flow irrigation, an extensive storm water management system comprised of a series of rain gardens and a planted retention basin and permeable paving throughout the site. The paver chosen for this application was Unilock Eco-Priora™. These permeable pavers have spacer bars that create a 7mm gap between each unit allowing for water to infiltrate to the subbase below. In addition to creating a low-impact paving surface, the designers needed a product that offered durability, strength and long-lasting color. The chosen Umbriano® and Smooth Premier finishes, manufactured with Enduarcolor™ Technology, offered the style and performance that this high-traffic, pedestrian area required.

This modern and environmentally conscious research facility and public space provides the local community and building residents with a creatively enhanced outdoor amenity.