James Street Go Station


Built on the main Canadian National Railway line through the north end of Hamilton, West Harbour GO Station started out as part of a larger plan to expand train services to the Greater Toronto Area. The project included the construction of a new all-glass station building, two train platforms, access towers and overpass bridges. Tying into the station are newly built multi-level and surface parking spaces, as well as a spacious paved boulevard leading up to the station entrance. Designed to accommodate swarms of daily commuters, the designer chose custom 24×24 and 12×24 paver sizes, and special order colours for the paved entrance, as the refined surface is ideal for high traffic pedestrian areas. Combined with planter accents and designated bike racks, the mottled finish of the large paving stones lends a modern feel to the new train station, which in turn is expected to spur development in the surrounding North End and Harbour West neighbourhoods.