Harrison PATH Station


Harrison PATH Station is a part of The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey’s PATH improvement plan, aimed at modernizing the transit system to account for the redevelopment and commuter growth in Harrison. The renovations included a state-of-the-art building with fully modernized amenities including glass-enclosed, weather-protected station entrances, modern elevators, widened stairs and escalator access to the platform.

Conscious of the negative impacts of stormwater runoff, pressures on the local combined sewer system as well as protecting the health of the local waterways, permeable pavers were chosen for the site. A spacious plaza leading to the entrance was designed with Eco-Priora and Eco-Promenade pavers using the beautiful but durable Series™ finish. The exposed granite surface supports the high-traffic pedestrian area while the paving design leads the traveler to the entrances. Combined with planting accents and designated bike racks, the various colours and patterning of Eco-Priora create a visually dynamic, geometric paving design that plays off the modern style of the building. The updated infrastructure of Harrision PATH station greatly improves the travel experience for the thousands of riders who use the facility daily.