Regent Park – Block 25 A & B


Located on the eastern edge of downtown Toronto, Regent Park was once one of the largest public housing developments in the country, isolated from the city due to a grid-locked street plan and out-dated infrastructure. As part of an ongoing revitalization project, the neighbourhood has been undergoing significant physical change, creating a redeveloped mixed income, mixed use and residential neighborhood with a full range of housing and public amenities. This project was challenged with creating public spaces that will connect buildings with the streets and integrate the neighbourhood with the surrounding area. Regent Park exhibits high quality design as it now features connected and pedestrian-friendly streetscapes, as well as several parks and green spaces. The area has been expanded with a continuous network of paved streets and alleyways, featuring various greenscape accents and improving the overall street-level experience. The designers, The Planning Partnership and NAK Design Strategies, used SeriesTM in Block 25 A and B and to create the paved pedestrian streets, marking the entrance to Regent Park North. As a result, the area now features well-designed public spaces, allowing easy access to any part of the neighbourhood, as well as contributing to the healthy and vibrant environment of the Regent Park community.