Center D’Art Diane Dufresne

Center D’Art Diane Dufresne

ACDF® Architecture

Groupe BC2

Repentigny, QC

The Centre D’Art Diane-Dufresne, was the first building completed as part of a master plan with the Municipality of Repentigny on the bank of the St. Lawrence River. The plan is to transform a once-sparse, underutilized park into a cultural corridor with thematic gardens, a civic plaza and a theatre. The design team used different textured pavers and positioned the building at the nexus of new walking paths, linking a main boulevard with surrounding residential lanes and helping to draw people to the site. To contrast with the building’s architecture, which is clad in locally sourced wood, the Landscape Architects combined Promenade Plank Paver™ with II Campo® and Smooth Premier finishes in order to complement the design of the Art Center.