West Union Green Streets


The Iowa Green Streets Pilot Project is a community-wide sustainability initiative to serve as a catalyst for further investment in the historic downtown of West Union, Iowa. The project began with a visioning workshop in October 2007 when Iowa’s Department of Economic Development (IDED) completed a Technical Assistance Visit to advise West Union about the potential for multi-purpose pedestrian-scale streetscape improvements. The result of the initial visioning and the subsequent Conceptual and Schematic Planning was a Streetscape Master Plan, which has led the Pilot Project, now in the construction documentation stages. The project includes the complete renovation of 6 downtown blocks and will replace aging water, storm and sanitary sewer infrastructure. The project also showcases innovative sustainable design strategies as a model for other communities, including permeable pavements from Unilock, pedestrian crosswalk treatments, rain gardens, energy efficient lighting, and a district-wide geothermal heating and cooling system.