Front Street Revitalization

Front Street Revitalization


Toronto, ON

Front Street is the stage-set for Union Station, Toronto’s primary transportation hub. Over 26 million people  pass through this congested public realm annually. AECOM’s landscape architects led the re-design and revitalization of Front Street, transforming it into an attractive, vibrant. urban destination with improved safety and mobility. New streetscape features include wider boulevards and sidewalks, reduced traffic lanes. designated lay-bys for parking, new street trees and street lighting, passive demarcations and site furnishings. Distinctive paving materials such as granite and unit paving on the road and sidewalks are used to enhance the aesthetic of the space.

Wide light and dark grey banding were incorporated into the sidewalk design and carried across the street. Umbriano Winter Marvel and Midnight Sky were selected for the sidewalks to achieve this character, as they complemented the granite materials proposed for the street. Two different sizes of unit pavers were used for the running bond pattern design. The primary material was the 600 x 300 x 100mm while half units were used along the curb line to minimize cutting. The thicker 100mm paver was selected to allow for the likelihood that utility vehicles may occasionally need to access the sidewalks.