Yorkville Avenue


The Bloor-Yorkville BIA (Business Improvement Area) worked with The Planning Partnership in Toronto to develop a master plan for Yorkville Avenue, one of the premier shopping districts in Toronto. The design focused on creating a pedestrian friendly environment using appropriately durable materials and construction methods to ensure the roadway and sidewalks would withstand the harsh winter environment.

Phase 1 was comprised of the roadway between Yonge Street and Bay Street. The road reconstruction consisted of a 250mm concrete road base with PVC drainage pipes located along the curb. The pipes were covered with filter cloth at the inlets to prevent clogging and the pavers were set in 25mm of sand setting bed (see the detail on reverse). Phase 2 included the roadway and sidewalks from Bay Street to Avenue Road. In this second phase a third color, Autumn Sunset, was added to the sidewalk for additional visual definition and interest.