Cleveland Clinic parking lot

Cleveland Clinic parking lot

Cawrse & Associates, Inc.

Avon, OH

Challenge: The existing Cleveland Clinic Hospital located in Avon, Ohio needed to expand in order to continue meeting the health care needs of its community. The Clinic identified that they needed to build a new, multi story bed tower. The byproduct of this new bed tower was the need for a massive increase in parking. The challenge the design team faced was that much of the available property and the adjacent property was wetland. Due to the requirements of wetland mitigation the design team could not allow any stormwater runoff from the parking lot. The secondary challenge faced by the design team was the increasingly tight budget.

Solution: The design team, in conjunction with the Army Corps of Engineers, decided that permeable pavers was the product of choice to deal with the stormwater sensitivities of the surrounding wetland areas. The high infiltration rate of EcoOptiloc meant that stormwater would be reabsorbed below ground. The ‘L’ interlocking shape of Eco Optiloc provided superior resistance to heavy vehicular and truck traffic. The mechanical installation of the pavers coupled with the low cost of maintenance kept the project on budget in the short and long term.