McDonald’s Chicago Flagship


The new Chicago Flagship celebrates the pure simplicity and enduring authenticity of McDonald’s, welcoming both residents and visitors to a playful and informal gathering place in the heart of the city.

The site is a full city block, just steps off Michigan Avenue, occupied since 1983 by the iconic “Rock ‘n Roll” McDonald’s. The new design rebalances car-pedestrian traffic creating a city oasis where people can eat, drink and meet. Landscape area was increased to include an expansive pedestrian-centric space, a restaurant in a civic plaza with outdoor seating, park area and more than 70 trees as well as native and drought resilient plants throughout.

McDonald’s corporate commitment to sustainability is at the core of the new restaurant design. One of the many design elements is the permeable paving used throughout the site to reduce stormwater runoff and the heat island effect. The paving used in sidewalks, entrances and areas adjacent to the building use the 3 x 12″ Plank Permeable Paver with special order Series™ finish designed to handle vehicular and pedestrian loads while the Eco-Line® multi-unit platform with a Smooth Premier finish handles the demands of the drive-thru lanes and parking lot. The restaurant is applying for LEED certification.