Breton Village Mall

Breton Village Mall


Breton, Michigan

The “de-malling” of the shopping center in Breton Village was announced in 2016 and was the continuation of previous renovations done on the southern side of the center. Since then, new buildings along Breton Road were built offering a unique combination of restaurants, services and speciality retailers. The multi-phase project started with the vision of creating a high-quality space and adding developments that would place it on top of the market among the best and newly built centres.

The mall was turned into an upscale open-air shopping center with the removal of its second story and outdated enclosed walkaways. The stores were renovated to feature exterior storefronts, each individually designed to fit the brands’ identity, while the outdoor space was refreshed with green spaces and new seating areas. PromenadeTM Plank Paver in three colors was used on the storefronts as the long narrow pavers created a clean and dynamic aesthetic. The grey tones play on the architecture of the buildings and the brown subtly picked up the wood accents complementing the modern design of the entire shopping district and making Breton Village the perfect shopping destination and gathering place for the community.