TQL Stadium

TQL Stadium


Cincinnati, Ohio

Located in the West End Neighborhood of Cincinnati, TQL stadium is the home of the Major League Soccer team FC Cincinnati, can seat up to 26,000 spectators and employs over 5,000 people. The covered stadium, designed by Populous, is the largest soccer only stadium in the US and features a façade inspired by the fan’s kinetic energy. 500 vertical fins connected to LEDs wrap the exterior to create stunning motion sequences. The design won 1st place in the Rethinking the Future Awards and was named ENR’s Best Midwest Sports Project in 2021.

Outside of the stadium features a large entryway and gathering/dining area created using Eco-Promenade® pavers with Smooth Premier finish in two contrasting shades that delineate the walking and seating area. These permeable plank pavers offer a long linear modern design that facilitates movement of visitors toward the stadium doors. The wider joints of Eco-Promenade® allow rainwater to rapidly penetrate into the subbase and soil, helping to alleviate any concern of stormwater runoff. Manufactured with EnduraColor facemix technology, the chosen pavers also provide colorfastness and durability. This well-designed space is perfect for a high traffic stadium that the community can be proud of for years to come.