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The Museum of Science and Industry
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Chicago, IL
Heavy Duty Vehicular, Parking Lots, Permeable

The Museum of Science and Industry, has great significance to the cultural background of Chicago and its people. Originally built in 1893 as the Palace for Fine Arts it was renamed in 1933 as the Museum of Science and Industry. The 400,000 square foot structure has been an inspiring destination for children and adults of all ages to pursue a larger vision in the fields of science, technology, medicine and engineering. In 2013, the museum was in need of a new parking lot. In response to localized stormwater and flooding, the city of Chicago implemented an initiative for green infrastructures on existing sites. This was the perfect application for permeable pavers. The parking lot was built with six drop off bays for buses, drive aisles and pedestrian walking and cross walks areas. The pedestrian areas were designed to contrast with exposed aggregate Onyx Black pavers in a slip resistant Series finish™. This project is a great example of permeable paver systems that perform extremely well in applications that range from pedestrian to heavy-duty; a new precedent for ecological design. Further informal research was done at this site to observe how snow reacts on permeable pavements following a snow event. Sometime snow events are followed by warm temperatures and then refreeze conditions that will lead to icy patches. This did not happen at this permeable pavement site.

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