The long, clean lines of Artline create modern, linear paving designs. The product is sold in a random bundle of seven different rectangular shapes, of varying lengths and two widths. These units are typically laid in a running bond pattern which creates a long, linear look. There are a variety of Artline color and texture… 
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Permeable, heavy duty unit pavers are available in they stylish long linear plank with Eco-Line. This product can be mechanically installed at a rate of 6,000-7,000 sq.ft. per machine, per day, with minimal labor. As a very competitive permeable pavement that can be installed even in adverse weather conditions, Eco-Line is not only beautiful, but… 
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Eco-Promenade plank paver brings the long linear look and feel to your contemporary permeable application while being capable of vehicular loads. Available by custom order only in most markets, you may select your colour and your finish to work in perfect harmony with your design. Minimum quantities apply. Contact your Unilock Representative for more information.
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Promenade™ Plank Paver

The long and narrow design of Promenade™ Plank Pavers facilitate a linear laying pattern resulting in a sleek appearance to complement current architectural design trends. Choose from a variety of sizes, manufactured using the most advanced techniques and technologies of EnduraColor™, they are ideal for the most demanding commercial applications. The Promenade Plank Paver series… 
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