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EnduraColor Facemix vs. Classic Thru-mix

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Many paving products look great when they’re first installed, but after time, look worn and faded. A classic thru-mix paver uses a blend of large and small aggregates from the top to the bottom of the paver. While very durable, concrete will wear at the surface exposing the large aggregates, which makes that paver appear less colorful and aged. EnduraColor Facemix ensures that the surface of the paver looks like new as it ages by using smaller more concentrated materials on top.

What is EnduraColor Facemix Technology?

Facemix is a manufacturing process for segmental concrete products that combines a structural base of coarser aggregates with an integral layer of concentrated color and finer aggregates on top. This surface layer consists of specialty aggregates, cement and pigment; representing about 10-12% of the total depth of the product. This process yields a structurally strong and solid concrete product with brilliant color and a wear-resistant surface.

A variety of finishes are available featuring the Unilock EnduraColor Facemix Technology. From Smooth to Flagstone, Brushed to Exposed Granite and the truly unique Mottled and Matte finishes, there is a paver style for every landscape design that allow designers to execute their full creative inspiration.

How are EnduraColor Facemix Pavers different from Classic Thru-mix concrete pavers?

The real difference begins at the surface. While EnduraColor Facemix pavers have a refined surface layer of smaller aggregates, Classic Thru-mix pavers are manufactured with the same combination of large and small aggregates, pigment and cement throughout the entirety of the paver. This manufacturing process still produces a strong product, however, wear and tear over time can slowly erode the surface, exposing the aggregates, resulting in a faded and worn appearance. Facemix products still experience wear on the surface, but the composition of finer aggregates on the surface ensure better color retention and a very tight surface texture to keep the products looking as good as new. Ultimately, our Enduracolor Facemix Technology ensures a long-lasting, durable and beautiful finish compared to Classic Thru-mix products. Want to see for yourself? Watch this video to see the real EnduraColor Difference.

Put to the test in an acid bath, you can see the difference that EnduraColor Techology makes.


The beauty and high-performance nature of EnduraColor products make them suitable for a wide range of applications and projects from streetscapes and urban plazas to roof decks and community parks. No matter your project, there’s an EnduraColor product perfect for you. Check out some of our beautiful products that can enhance your paving and wall designs: Series, Umbriano, Il Campo, Beacon Hill Smooth and U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System – Fascia Panels.

Interested in learning more about Unilock EnduraColor products? Contact your local Unilock representative.

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