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Calculate the captured rainwater harvest amount and base and subbase volume capacity.

Measurement Option
Permeable Paver Area

Enter the dimensions or square footage of the entire permeable area.

Length (ft)(m)
Width (ft)(m)
Calculated Square FeetSquare Meters
Total Square Footage (ft)Square Meters (m)
Design Criteria

Enter total Base and Subbase depth of open aggregate

Enter Base Depth (in)(mm)

Enter the void space of the open graded base material (ASTM #2, 8, 57 are typically 40%).

Aggregate Void Space(%)

Enter the total rainfall for your calculation. For reference chart click here

Enter Rainfall Quantity (in)(mm)

No calculation added yet. Calculation results will show up here.

Input Information
Total Area ft²
Base Depth inchescm
Aggregate Void Space %
Rainfall Quantity inchescm
Rainwater Harvest
Cubic FeetMeters
Acre FeetHectare/Meters
Base Capacity
Cubic FeetMeters
Acre FeetHectare/Meters
Volume Capacity Used
Cubic FeetMeters
Acre FeetHectare/Meters
Volume Capacity Used* !%
This design generates runoff. Increase Base Capacity (volume in the base design) in order to meet capacity requirement.

* Note: these numbers do not factor in any subgrade drainage or stormwater infrastructure drainage over the 24 hour period

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