Pat Bayly Square


Located in the heart of downtown Ajax, Pat Bayly Square is a flourishing urban centre that features areas for special events, a large stage, an inviting water fountain and a large skating rink that transforms into a reflective pool in the warmer months. This project is part of a master plan that includes residential, commercial, retail space, public transit, cycling, and pedestrian amenities. Pat Bayly Square represents an exciting chapter in the development of Ajax and provides a unique place for visitors to socialize, learn, and explore.

The designers worked together to create a building and square that seamlessly integrate into the surrounding community. The surface paving of the square was created using Unilock squares and rectangles in Il Campo® and Smooth Premier finishes. These finish options deliver long-lasting colour and durability with its innovative Enduracolor technology, ideal for high traffic pedestrian areas. The chosen colour variations create a geometrical and pixelated appearance that helps reflect the random movements of visitors and passersby. The incorporated seating areas, patio furniture, lighting fixtures, young trees and plants. This beautiful pedestrian-oriented square has quickly become the hub of the Ajax community and will continue to be an exciting destination for future residents and visitors.