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Ferndale, MI

W. Troy Street in Ferndale is home to a multi-use retail, parking and office development called The dot (the Development on Troy). The dot was proposed as a solution to meeting the demand for parking in downtown but accomplishes so much more. In addition to 4 levels of parking spaces, The dot brings new street-level retail accompanied by a streetscape plaza, fostering a sense of place in the heart of Ferndale.

The city’s investment in the redesign of W. Troy Street allowed for the creation of a flexible, ‘shared street’ that accommodates all types of road users including motor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. The designers also chose a curbless setting for the street, removing the typical separation of road use found on traditional streets. Instead, the distinct paver colors and bollards are what depict pedestrian use from vehicular use. These design elements allow the space to become a programmable outdoor plaza that can be used for community events, outdoor dining and shopping and everyday use.

Troy Street Plaza features landscaping with additional flowers and foliage, as well as unique decorative paving in a linear design. This design helps lead passersby toward the street-level retail and parking deck while delineating the traffic lanes through the use of a contrasting white color. Accomplished using Unilock plank pavers laid in a herringbone pattern, this paving design is able to withstand vehicular loads. However, not only did these pavers offer the required strength, but the Smooth Premier and Series™ finishes provided the durability. Manufactured using the advanced Enduracolor face-mix technology, these pavers have a long-lasting, non-fade surface that is perfect for this high traffic outdoor area. The final design created by the contrasting colors and finishes creates an eye-catching complement to the modern architecture of the building.

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