Dundas Place


The City of London, Ontario, transformed Dundas Street from a commercial corridor to a flexible and programmable streetscape aimed at bringing people together. Unlike a traditional roadway, Dundas Place provides an inviting urban environment that is shared by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. The fixed and flex elements incorporated into the design allow Dundas Place to be an outdoor venue for entertainment, music and festivals and provide improved facilitation of community events and other activities.

Inspired by London’s relationship with the Thames River, Dundas Place uniquely integrates the City’s history with this simple and playful streetscape. Dillon Consulting integrated an assortment of colors into the paving design to mimic the nearby river that flows through the city. The high-performance surface of the Series™ finish meets the function, utility and operational needs of a wide range of road users, while creating a striking visual effect.  

The updated streetscape has reshaped how vehicles and pedestrians use this segment of the downtown core and has provided The City of London with the opportunity to showcase the built heritage and history of the city.