Downtown Belleville Streetscape


In 2018, The City of Belleville completed its City Centre Revitalization and Redevelopment Project, aimed to renew aged infrastructure of their historic downtown core and attract new residents and investments to the area. The project included reconstructing heritage buildings, updating and replacing underground utilities, as well as substantial surface work, such as the reconstruction of road networks, boulevards and sidewalks and the installation of new architectural landscape elements. Concrete pavers were installed in the sidewalks and extend into the street to form patterned pedestrian crosswalks and certainly add to this historic center. The streets were also accessorized with new street lamps and traffic signals, signage, canopies and granite-curb planters and trees, making a renewed pleasing public space. Brown + Storey Architects created a stunning paver design and Series™ pavers delivered the desired aesthetic while delivering on the heavy-duty, long-term performance.
Creating a great place for both community members and small businesses to flourish, the city’s efforts to renew its downtown have undoubtedly laid the foundation for future growth and development.