Roger William Botanical Garden

Roger William Botanical Garden

Bradford Associates

Providence, Rhode Island

The city of Providence, Rhode Island is home to one of New England’s largest display of public gardens. Throughout the Botanical Gardens two greenhouses, conservatory and Mediterranean Room, the gardens are home to over 150 different species of plants, including 17 different types of Palms.

During a recent expansion of the events area a terrace was completed. Designed by Bradford Associates, this area will serve as multifunctional. Not only for the daily visitor to sit outside and overlook the water, but also easily convert into a venue for weddings and other formal events. This terraced overlook needed to have a sleek simple design, which was easy to maintain and fit in with the existing landscape. To achieve this Bradford worked with the Unilock pavers, particularly the Senzo™ Nuvola and Umbriano Summer Wheat, both with EnduraColor Plus. According to Kristin Pereira of Bradford Associates, it was important to have paver colors and textures that would complement the natural stone walls around the site while still being easy to maintain and hold its lasting beauty. The Umbriano and Belpasso pavers were chosen for not only their simple clean look, but also their stain resistance, from Easy Clean technology. Easy Clean allows for easier cleanup of spills if they happen before a stain can develop.

D’Urso Landscaping and Construction, provided expert installation.