Burning Bush Park

Burning Bush Park

Christopher B. Burke Engineering

Mount Prospect, Illinois

Burning Bush Trails Park is one of the most heavily used parks in the River Trails Park District. It is also the third-largest park in the area, covering a total of 10 acres. To renew and improve the site, the district took on a two-phase redevelopment project. The redesign addresses all aspects of the park with the goal of redeveloping the active recreation areas and creating a passive area.

To address the local flooding in the area, Phase 2 of this redevelopment project focused on excess stormwater solutions. The final design includes a new water detention space where the grade of the baseball and soccer fields was lowered by four feet to support stormwater overflow. As a result, the park design also had to address the new grade changes. In order to meet the aesthetic goals of the project, U-Cara® Multi-Face Wall System was used to carve out the new field space. This U-Cara wall consists of structural SureTrack™ backer blocks and pitched finish fascia panels in Bavarian for a warm and welcoming entrance into the field. The flexible nature of the segmental units also allowed for gradual height changes in the wall design to account for the sloped ramp. As well, the versatility of this wall gave the designers the opportunity to maximize space by integrating practical park-user seating directly into the U-Cara retaining wall.