Monona Permeable Parking lot


Two projects for the price of one were completed in Monona. The first project was started as a parking lot repair. Fehr Graham is an engineering and environmental firm, that worked on the design and brought a permanent solution to meet both water quality requirements and make the parking lot more user friendly. The design incorporated permeable pavement as a storm water management feature making the project eligible for the SRF (State Revolving Fund) funding. In addition, the location of the parking lot entrance was moved to a flatter side allowing for a safer traffic path. The upgraded parking lot has improved the urban watershed quality and is protecting it by preventing major runoff into the nearby creek.

The second project was made possible with the same funding; extending the permeable pavement to the adjacent road was not included in the first phase of the original project’s scope. The repair and upgrade of the road solved the runoff issues; the permeable pavement improved the storm water management along with the elimination of crushed stone surfacing. The incorporation of native plantings also adds to the sustainable nature of the projects.