Cooksville Go

Cooksville Go

Brodies & Associates

Mississauga, Ontario

Cooksville Go is part of the Milton Go Transit line and has 7 commuter trains that travel into Toronto and Milton daily. The station was transformed to make it easier and safer for commuters to access. This includes the addition of a new parking structure with a pedestrian bridge to the rail platform; repairs to parking lots; a new indoor waiting area, an additional station entrance; new platforms with safety tiles, digital signs, canopied shelters, and a snowmelt system; more accessible pedestrian tunnels, and parking; new bus bays for two different transit systems, and a new station building and pavilion with a large plaza.

To carve out new space and manage elevation changes throughout the site, Durahold® wall was used with a chain-link fence installed on top. This exceptional wall system was chosen for its high-speed installation, structural stability and long maintenance-free life.

Surrounding the station and leading up to the entrances, are walking areas created with 7 x 14” Smooth Premier finish pavers in Granite Fusion, Midnight Charcoal, and Opal blend, resulting in an eye-catching geometric pattern that clearly delineates pedestrian areas. The durability of these pavers is ideal for a high traffic area such as this, and the contemporary surface complements the simple modern architecture of the building. 7 x 14” Series™ finish pavers were also incorporated into the design to create bold directional lines that lead commuters to the entrances of the building for ease of navigation. The addition of trees, benches, waste receptacles and street lights add both beauty and functionality and complete the goal of adding ease and accessibility to the station.