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West London Dyke
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London, ON
Structural Walls

As part of the large-scale reconstruction of an existing dyke system along the Thames River in London, Ontario, 300m (1,000ft) was replaced with a new 8m high (26ft) Durahold® wall. The wall needed to be able to withstand rapid flowing hydraulic conditions of extreme two year and 75 year flood events which have the potential to completely submerge the full height of the wall. Durahold® was the ideal choice because its smooth surface reduces drag effect from flowing water, and it has a proven track record of structural stability. As well, Durahold® offers the benefit of installation efficiency in straight or curved applications thanks to the availability of tapered wall units. A pathway running alongside the Thames River was incorporated into the layout atop the new Durahold® wall. The south end of the wall was terraced, allowing the pathway to extend down under Queens Avenue and Kensington Bridges, and connect to Riverside Park.

Severe weather events are increasing with greater intensity and more frequency, magnifying the impacts of events like floods. The West London Dyke project is transformational because it minimizes the impact of the intensity of those weather events, protecting the people and communities that border the Thames River.

West London Dyke DuraHold Video

Watch the flyover of the impressive West London Dyke Durahold® retaining wall during the final stage of phase 3 construction.

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