Saddle & Cycle Club

Saddle & Cycle Club

Daniel Weinbach & Partners, Ltd.

Chicago, Illinois

The Saddle and Cycle Club located on Foster Avenue in Chicago Illinois is a members-only golf course & resort that provides members with fine hospitality and luxury-status entertainment. The non-profit club has been around since 1875, serving over 500 families and thousands of members yearly. To maintain their world-class brand-image, an innovative design for their driveway, parking lot and front entrance. The majority of the project required permeable pavers so that the existing infrastructure was not impacted.

Daniel Weinbach & Partners met all of the requirements by installing 38,000 square feet of Eco-Priora™ with a brushed Il Campo® texture while using the unique Umbriano® granite-like pavers at the entrance.

The beautiful combination of colors, Autumn Sunset, Coffee Creek and Prairie, harmonize with its surrounding environment.