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Voke Lofts
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Worcester, MA

Located in the old vocational and technical high school of Worcester Mass are 84 new living residences. These range in size from 1 to 3 bedroom units for individuals and families. In addition to individual housing units, this historic facility offers outdoor play, a Fitness and wellness center, and function ability for residents. To tie into the renovated interior, A.T. Leonard and Associates was brought in to soften up and provide a usable landscape, which will hold up to the city environment. The buildings’ unique shape allowed for protection from the busy city streets while still creating a nice area to relax and gather. An exterior corridor extends along the front and through the building for pedestrian access and light traffic. For this, a durable pavement was needed to withstand not only the every-day use but also delivery and emergency vehicle traffic, all while remaining aesthetically pleasing and functional. Copthorne® pavers were chosen for their unique Reala™ surface and texture. The unique look of Copthorne allowed for use of modern technology without modernizing the architecture of the building or spaces. The pavers were laid in different patterns depending on where it was in relation to the site, while being intermingled throughout natural stone at the same time. Expert execution and attention to detail was provided by Emanouil Co.

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Burgundy Red, Old Oak and Burnt Clay
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