The Beverly


The Beverly Hills Resort Residences is a glamorous, new multi-use and condominium development located along a central retail street in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Offering endless amenities and luxury urban living experience to its community, the residences front onto a specially designed street called a Woonerf – a shared space that incorporates traffic calming techniques, prioritizing pedestrian use and safety. Combined with large steel sculptures and multiple tree features, Land Art Design also used Unilock 5×10” Permeable Eco-Priora with Il Campo finish, as well as Squares and Rectangles with Umbriano finish, marking the entries along Yonge Street. The paving pattern weaves throughout the entire site, creating a unique setting, as the unit paving extends over a variety of conditions: on grade, on top of the parking structure, and also above Silva Cells distributed throughout the parking spaces for large trees.The unique landscaping and paver design serve multiple purposes, creating a pedestrian-friendly environment, complementing the beautiful surroundings and promoting sustainability on site. The Permeable Eco-Priora prevents flooding on the street by mitigating stormwater runoff, while the contemporary, mottled finish of Umbriano offers a high-performance surface ideal for pedestrian and high-traffic areas.