Pier 4

Pier 4

Mikyoung Kim Design

Boston, MA

For years, the Boston Seaport was known for Anthony’s Pier 4 restaurant and open lots for parking and today it is a destination neighborhood with restaurants and a great night life.

This precedent setting 21 story luxury apartment building is now the cornerstone to this historic Pier with incredible views of the city and waterfront. Equally important is the quick & easy access to the restaurants, shops, open space and nightlife around the area. This access is aided by the landscape which has created defined gathering areas for the building as well as much needed public walking areas.

Mikyoung Kim Design worked to achieve this by combining hardscapes and softscapes in the urban setting. Long linear lines were used which run parallel with the docks and pier. Unilock collaborated with Mikyoung to formulate the color palette that played off of the building architecture. The Enduracolor surfacing technology was chosen for its durability and lasting color for the . French Grey, Grenada White and Dark Grey custom mix designs.

Greenscape Land Design Inc. of Taunton, MA provided expert installation. This consisted of more than just installing the pavers, but also incorporated natural stone and granite into the field. Pier 4 showcases the design possibilities of a simple 4” x 8” paver and with unique finishing attributes and how well they work in conjunction and alongside natural stone.