Park at United Steel Workers


Currently known as the United Steel Workers Building, this Pittsburgh high-rise was originally built for IBM in 1963. Its unique diamond-patterned steel exoskeleton stands out in the city skyline. This was the first building ever constructed to utilize exterior framing. Much like how the original architects drew upon inspiration to create the diamond pattern, the landscape architect for the design team used the building as inspiration for the enhanced plaza. The revitalized park and entrance under the office building feature contemporary designs of wooden benches and seating areas, as well as softscaping accents of vibrant color. The diamonds on grade were created by using pavers with contrasting colors as well as finishes. For the center of the diamonds, the unique mottled surface of Umbriano® in Summer Wheat lends a warm palette mimicking natural granite. To accent the geometric patterns, Il Campo® in Dark Charcoal was used for its brushed texture finish and dark tones. Town Hall® in Heritage Clay and Heritage Red were used in wide bands to outline the plaza. The refined surface and long-lasting color of these Endura Color Plus products make it an ideal choice for an office plaza due to its high pedestrian traffic, numerous activities and harsh winter conditions. The design of this dynamic plaza pays homage to the building and the material selection reveals not only Pittsburgh’s industrial roots but its bright future.