Casa Queretaro


Casa Queretaro is a multiple-unit rental affordable housing project. The building is located at the corner of 17th Street and Damen in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. Casa Queretaro consists of 45 units and ranges from 2-4 stories with multiple community spaces organized around a common entry courtyard space. Casa Queretaro received their LEED Platinum certification for sustainable design and environmental performance. Particular attention was paid to the building shape and massing in order to articulate the street elevations to relate to the neighborhood scale and texture through the use of material changes and modifications to the street-facing volumes. Permeable paving in the multi-unit Eco-Line® with Il Campo® finish was chosen for its design features and sustainable design elements that also contribute to the LEED credits . Eco-Line, in the Granite Blend color, complements the architecture and creates an ease of accessibility while incorporating green zones for the complex. Awarded First Place for Architectural Excellence in Community Design by Richard H Driehaus Foundation at the Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards 2018. (Read more)