Wharf District


Coupled with the Southwest Waterfront’s 7th Street Park and Recreation Pier, Wharf District draws visitors into the Washington Channel, forming a new community connection with the water. In an effort to develop a playful and welcoming atmosphere, the Wharf was reimagined not only with a fixed-deck pier structure, but new mixed-use developments along the waterfront. The surrounding area was revitalized with all-new housing, offices, restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels, shops, and more. At its edge, the districts’ 7th street was also transformed to serve as a gateway from the dense urban environment to the open atmosphere of the Pier. To get to the waterfront, one must walk through the Promenade, a shared vehicular and pedestrian passageway that now surrounds 7th Street Park, slowing traffic and promoting pedestrian use. The designer, Michael Vergason LA, used Unilock Umbriano Plank pavers, covering the walkway with a visually stunning and dynamic paving design. The running laying pattern and non-slip, stain resistant and high-performance surface of Umbriano make it ideal for both walkaways and high traffic areas, as its mottled finish adds a contemporary touch to the surrounding landscape.