Goshen, New York

2021 saw the opening of the third US Legoland Resort and the ninth worldwide, in Goshen New York. The resort is comprised of 7 themed lands across 500 acres featuring a waterpark, themed rides, and spectacular life size Lego models, and a theme hotel.

Concrete pavers were the perfect choice for paving Legoland. The similarity to Lego with respect to their interlocking and segmental nature adds a unique synergy to the project.

Leading up to the entrance, visitors are welcomed with a bright, attention-grabbing, monochromatic red paved surface that resembles the LEGO logo. Poured concrete spell out the LEGO letters while Unilock Hex / City Park Paver act as the main paving field, creating a picturesque, Lego-like plaza to enter the park. Designed by Stantec, this entry way both inspires and endures as Hex /City Park Paver offers longevity with it’s ability to withstand high traffic, weight and the elements.

The use of Hex / City Park Paver is continued in a more subtle grey color directly outside the themed hotel to create a pedestrian cross walk and a loading/unloading zone. Colorful Lego archways towers mark the way to the parking lot and continue the playful aesthetic.