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Modern Pavers: The Cornerstone of Contemporary Outdoor Design


Clean lines, minimalism, and modern materials are the foundation for a contemporary project. This design style often features straight lines, sharp angles, geometric shapes and unique textures, which help to create a striking and visually appealing design. It’s the simple form and well-planned details of every aspect of a contemporary project that emphasizes the function of each unique element. However, Contemporary design can bend the rules, create unique a juxtaposition with contrasting materials, and can be interpreted in different ways – it brings forward the trends of today.

In the world of hardscaping, contemporary design is usually synonymous with large format, modern pavers. While Unilock has a wide variety of concrete slabs, our selection of unique finishes like Umbriano™, Revela™, and Smooth Premier allow smaller format pavers to create distinctive, modern landscapes as well. When evaluating the paving materials for designs of urban realms, amenity spaces, parks, plazas and other outdoor spaces that call for a trendy style, it’s important to consider the application – it is a roof deck? A pedestrian realm? A high-traffic vehicular area? The answer to these questions will help determine whether you choose a large format shape or a small format shape that has the aspect ratio to support heavier loads.  In either instance, Unilock has a paver or slab to achieve a contemporary aesthetic while not compromising the durability and longevity of your designs.

Explore a few of our modern pavers and slabs that can be infused into your next project for an alluring contrast when paired with natural forms or historic design elements, or for a seamless complement to modern architecture.


5 Modern Pavers for Contemporary Designs


Arcana™ slabs are crafted with granite, quartz, and marble particles that are fine blasted for an elegant aesthetic and then factory sealed with Easy Clean™ Technology, making spills easier to clean up. These large format architectural slabs are available in multiple sizes and colors to create stunning contemporary designs, whether on a granular base or on pedestals. Arcana is ideal for pedestrian applications such as rooftop plazas, gardens or terraces, patios, walkways, or entrances and allow the designer to explore their creative talents.

Project Inspiration with Arcana Slabs:

Norweta Row Condominiums

1001 W. Fulton Roof Deck



These large-format slabs offer a sophisticated appeal with their sleek look defined by a fine stone structure that discretely highlights the natural character of every unit. The flamed-like texture is achieved with fine-grained, natural stone grit for a surefooted surface that is smooth and elegant. Manufactured with EnduraColor™ technology, Soreno™ offers a durable surface with long-lasting, brilliant color for creating outdoor spaces that will stand the test of time. Also factory sealed with EasyClean™, these large-format slabs provide stain resistance, with integral surface protection that allows for easier maintenance. Soreno is particularly suitable for pedestrian spaces, on-grade or on pedestals.



The look of natural granite and modern joint lines are what define Umbriano pavers. Beyond its stunning form, these pavers also deliver on function with their non-slip texture, and wear-resistant and stain-resistant surface. Available in multiple shapes, sizes and colors, Umbriano can be used in a variety of applications from on-grade to pedestals. These pavers are ideal for amenity spaces, pool decks, pedestrian plazas and roof decks, allowing you to create functional and durable outdoor spaces that will stand the test of time, while offering a contemporary flair.

Project Inspiration with Umbriano Pavers:

1035 West Vanburen

Front Street Revitalization




If you are searching for a simple, versatile concrete slab, look no further than Skyline. The standard 24” square size lends itself perfectly to a pedestal application making ideal roof deck amenity spaces. Skyline is available in a classic thru-mix finish for a more economical option but can also be upgraded to our Smooth Premier finish which employs Enduracolor Facemix technology for a more refined surface with long-lasting color. It is also available by special order in a variety of our other architectural finishes like Series and Umbriano. Skyline slabs can also be further enhanced by adding EasyClean®, an integral surface protection from stains. This is a significant maintenance benefit when used in high-traffic commercial projects.

Project Inspiration with Skyline Slabs:

JR Green

Citizen Linden



A more recent addition to the Unilock line of Architectural finishes is Revela. The manufacturing process of our shot-blast technology reveals the beauty within some of your favourite finishes including Series and Smooth Premier. This process also produces a non-slip surface making it a key player in the creation of high-traffic pedestrian outdoor spaces like walkways, building entrances, public squares, and even amenity space pool decks. This product is offered in select markets in a large slab or a small format shape. It is also available by special order for your custom designs. Ask your representative for more information.


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