Mechanical Installation

Mechanical Installation

With installation rates up to 12,000 sq ft per machine per day, mechanical installation is an economical and labor saving option for your large installations. Products that can be installed mechanically are: Eco-Optiloc Eco-Priora Hollandstone (Herringbone) Optiloc

Eco-Line Mechanical Installation

Eco-Line can be installed mechanically and as the layer is set on the setting bed alternate rows are shifted to create an interlocking running bond pattern that is stronger than a stack bond installation for heavy duty applications. This style of mechanical installation typically achieves 5-6,000 sq. ft. per day per machine.

Installing Large Format Pavers

Vacuum lifts and Unilock’s UniLyft can install up to 700 sq ft per hour. Reduce labor costs and install pavers quickly and accurately on your next project.

The Eco-LineTM multi-unit paver system from Unilock is a new permeable plank paver with various sizes in one layer, making it ideal for manual or rapid mechanical installation. The sleek linear design is one that is sure to enhance almost any architectural design. Site preparation for Eco-LineTM is the same as any other permeable paver system. Eco-LineTM is designed for rapid installation using a mechanical installation machine as shown here. One machine can install between eight and ten thousand square feet per day. Each layer or cluster is slide shifted to create an offset and then picked up for placement. Eco-LineTM spacer bars on the side of the product have been designed so that the side shift is easily done. Note how quickly the product can be placed. One or two crew persons are required to stabilize the clamp replacement. They will also fill any voids with extra pavers. Their job is also to use a mallet to make adjustments to the alignment. After final paver compaction, the voids are filled with a free draining stone chip to allow for infiltration of water. The area is ready to use immediately after the stone chip is swept into the joints. Permeable pavements offer up huge benefits for infrastructure and the environment but the sleek design of Eco-LineTM makes it a modern product for today’s projects.

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