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A New, Greener Era in Hardscaping

Unilock is leading the way towards a more sustainable era in hardscaping through the introduction of our cutting-edge EcoTerra technology. This paver innovation features a 100% cement-free face-mix, delivering a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by up to 15%. Beyond its environmental benefits, EcoTerra offers a number of other advantages, including exceptional durability and performance, enduring vibrant colors, zero efflorescence, and minimal maintenance.

  • 100% Cement Free Face-Mix
  • Reduction in CO2 Emissions
  • Durable & Low Maintenance
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Sustainability without Compromise

After 7 years of extensive research, a new binding agent was developed as an alternative to cement, and is now being used in the top layer of products manufactured with EcoTerra technology. Not only are these products considerably less carbon-intensive to produce, but their high compressive strength (> 12,000 psi) makes them more durable and longer-lasting than traditional paving products. Additionally, their low absorption rate (< 5%) helps with freeze-thaw climate effects.

EcoTerra is denser, featuring closed pores that help repel water and prevent dirt and stains from penetrating its surface. This characteristic makes it not only structurally superior but also easier to clean and maintain. Given these products are produced with zero cement in the surface layer, EcoTerra pavers produce zero efflorescence, as there is no limestone and cement reaction. All the while, these products retain their vibrant colors, even longer.

  • High Compressive Strength
  • Low Water Absorption
  • No Efflorescence
  • Easier to Clean
  • Remarkable Colorfastness

Why EcoTerra Is The Right Choice

Unilock is committed to providing sustainable paving options. EcoTerra is a result of this commitment, giving designers the ability to choose quality paving materials that align with their projects’ environmental requirements.

Choosing EcoTerra over traditional pavers is akin to planting 27 trees for every 1,000 square feet of pavement. This means that EcoTerra not only delivers superior durability but also contributes to the creation of beautiful, climate positive outdoor realms.

In the face of increasing climate change impacts, the time is now for a shift in the paving industry. With the introduction of EcoTerra, together, we can embark on a journey to foster a better, healthier, and more sustainable world.

A Closer Look At State-Of-The-Art Technology

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