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4 Strategies to Increase Profits on your Custom Home Developments

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Are you interested in developing profit building strategies for your next custom home development project? Let’s explore four practical approaches that will help drive more profits.

Strategy 1 – Low Impact Design

Whether building one home or ten, increasing square footage is a sure-fire way to increase revenue. Maximize square footage in your next build by utilizing Low Impact Design (LID) methods. Permeable Paving is a popular LID strategy that can help builders increase salable square footage in municipalities that place restrictions on the ratio of permeable to impermeable surfaces on the site. Using permeable paving for residential driveways and streetscapes not only allows builders to increase the size of the impermeable building footprint, but it also reduces the cost of stormwater management infrastructure. At Unilock, we have the widest variety of permeable pavers to bring your design to life.

The pavers used in a permeable installation are made with extra space between them
so that rainwater can flow through permeable base materials and back into the earth below.

Benefits of Low Impact Design

  • Build bigger on the same site
  • Decrease stormwater ponds
  • Decrease costs of storm drain piping and inlet structures
  • Make urban infill home developments possible
  • Contribute to LEED® certification and qualify for incentives from the government

Strategy 2 – Increase Useable Acreage with Segmental Retaining Walls

The natural topography of a site brings unique beauty to custom home builds but can also be limiting. In the past, the utilitarian appearance of large-scale retaining walls has discouraged premium residential builders from using them to unlock land in their developments. However, today there are a wide range of attractive retaining wall options. The solid block construction of Unilock retaining walls saves cost and improves durability compared to more labor-intensive hollow core blocks, and are available in a variety of block sizes, colors and textures to fulfill your design vision.

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Benefits of Retaining Walls

  • Build bigger on the same site
  • Tame hillside yards to increase salable outdoor space
  • Level sites for more efficient construction
  • Create visual interest

Strategy 3 – Increase Saleable Living Space

Well-designed outdoor spaces can be functional year-round and can be as much a part of the home as interior spaces. Leverage this as a competitive advantage and differentiate your brand by offering complete outdoor rooms. Backyard ‘Staycation’ spaces will increase your salable square footage and increase buyer satisfaction with a home that is ready for them to fully enjoy. At Unilock, we have an impressive assortment of classic, refined, and premium pavers and walls to create these at home destinations. Roof deck patios are also becoming increasingly popular, giving homeowners unique views of the surrounding property, and builders an opportunity to create new salable living space without increasing the building footprint. Take advantage of the growing need of outdoor living in today’s market and increase your profits.

Benefits of Outdoor Upgrade Packages

  • Leverage this as a competitive advantage versus competitors
  • Save purchasers cost and hassle of future construction
  • Increase salable square footage
  • Increase buyer satisfaction with a home that is ready for them to fully enjoy

Strategy 4 – Sell Homes Faster with Curb Appeal

In multi-home developments, the degree to which completed homes appear ‘finished’ can impact the rate of sale for remaining lots. Custom home builders who offer exterior upgrade packages provide buyers with an opportunity to finance paver driveways, walkways and front entrances upfront in conjunction with their home mortgage. This results in quicker delivery of curb appeal that drives sales of the remaining lots in the development.

Transform the outdoors of your custom home builds with Unilock paver and wall products. From traditional to modern, Unilock offers and unrivaled variety of colors, styles and textures you can’t get anywhere else.

Benefits of Curb Appeal

  • Sell remaining lots faster
  • Ensure continuation of your development’s design aesthetic
  • Provide your development with a competitive advantage versus other builders


The key to a successful profit building strategy is listening to your customers and adapting your approach to reflect current market needs. Each of the mentioned strategies are powerful revenue generators that can help you improve your profit column, maximize your saleable square footage and sell homes faster, while keeping in mind what home buyers are looking for in today’s market.

Reach out to a Unilock representative to learn more about how we can help you with your next custom home project. Contact us!

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