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In today’s increasingly digital world, 3D design software is an incredibly powerful tool that empowers professionals across many industries to bring their ideas to life in a three-dimensional space. Here at Unilock we have created a collection of design files and documents to use in combination with these software’s to assist you in creating innovative projects with detail and ease.

Disclaimer: Other than Uvision, all trademarks and related logos on this page belong to their respective owners and Unilock makes no claim of ownership to any of these products.


Dynascape is a software platform to aid in the creation of 2D and 3D renderings of commercial or residential designs. Add detail and enhance your models by downloading Unilock paver swatches and hatch pattern files.

Realtime Landscape Architect

Realtime Landscape Architect is specifically designed for landscape architects and other professionals to create and visualise outdoor living spaces. With an extensive materials library, you may also incorporate Unilock specific products by downloading our collection of paver swatches and importing into the platform.

Chief Architect

Chief Architect 3D software is designed to be intuitive, with drag-and-drop functionality and a range of pre-built templates and objects that allow users to easily create complex designs. Download Unilock paver swatches and seamlessly incorporate them into your 3D models.


Rhinoceros is a 3D modeling platform that can be used by designers to model 3D objects and create architecture or landscape architecture renderings. It supports a wide range of file formats for importing and exporting. Download Unilock paver swatches below to start modeling today.


Lumion is a 3D rendering and visualization software allowing users to create high-quality and realistic models. Incorporate Unilock repeatable swatches by downloading the file and importing chosen swatches.


Vectorworks allows their users to freely sketch, model and document design ideas with precision drafting capabilities. Get a head start on Vectorworks today by downloading Unilock paver swatches and hatch patterns.

Autodesk® Revit

Autodesk Revit is a building information modeling (BIM) software that allows users to create intelligent and detailed 3D models of buildings and infrastructure. Download the Unilock collection of materials and import desired components to add to your 3D designs.

Autodesk® AutoCAD®

AutoCAD provides a range of tools and features that allow professionals from many industries to create 2D and 3D models. Download and incorporate specially designed Unilock hatch patterns and cross sections to create detailed and accurate project designs.


BIMsmith is a platform where designers can store, research and share building information modeling content. Explore our Revit files and complementary content on the BIMsmith Market and use them in accordance with your choice of design software. Visit BIMsmith Market.

Land F/X

Land F/X tailors AutoCAD to meet the specific needs of landscape architects and other professionals. With Unilock hatch patterns integrated into the program, you can swiftly browse products, create estimates and develop material lists all within the same platform. Find us on the Land F/X Manufacturer Connection.

3D Warehouse

3D Warehouse is an open library extension full of plug-ins developed specifically for SketchUp. Allow us to handle the technical side so you may focus solely on the creative process by browsing our vast collection of models. Download your chosen models and seamlessly add them directly into your project. Visit 3D Warehouse.


SketchUp is the leading 3D design software developed to be user-friendly and accessible to all, allowing anyone to effortlessly bring their project ideas to life in a 3D environment. Make your designs truly stand out by downloading our extensive library of high-quality colors and textures.

Uvision 3D Landscape Creator (Free Trial)

Uvision 3D Landscape Creator is an easy to use 2D/3D landscape design tool allowing you to create realistic landscape renderings in both image and video formats. Comes complete with over 15,000 objects and accessories to complete your concept and bring it to life. Previously created SketchUp models can be imported seamlessly.

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