Yolanda Garcia Park

Yolanda Garcia Park

New York City Parks

Bronx, New York

Named in honor of a well-known and widely respected community activist, Yolanda Garcia Park is a lively outdoor space for local families to gather, relax and play. The park includes modern playground equipment, an outdoor gym for adults, a lush greenspace and winding pathways for the Melrose community.

To meet the commitment to green infrastructure and sustainability, New York City Parks chose to incorporate Unilock Permeable Hex™ / City Park Paver™ into their design. The unique hex paver shape in three distinct colors adds a timely urban feel to the space and creates a playful pixilated surface. The pavers’ Smooth Premier finish offers the benefits of durability and long-lasting color, while the permeable application aids in reducing stormwater runoff. Capable of withstanding even vehicular loads, the paver provides maximum performance for the active pedestrian walkways.

What was once a vacant lot has been beautifully reimagined into a thriving center for active and healthy living.