Parvis du parc Frédéric-Back

Parvis du parc Frédéric-Back

Groupe BC2 et CIMA+

City of Montreal, QC

The transformation of this former quarry and landfill site into a metropolitan park, is one of the most ambitious environmental rehabilitation projects ever undertaken by the City of Montreal. Today’s environmental best practices were used to create this park, with recreational green spaces and a large public square which serves as a meeting place and a harmonious transition between the urban city and greenspace.

Eco-Priora and Town Hall permeable pavers were chosen to minimize stormwater runoff and help recharge groundwater. A light-colored, Smooth Premier finish was chosen for Eco-Priora to counter urban heat island effect, with Town Hall added for a splash of color with a custom orange added to the mix to echo the color of a pergola on the site.

Today the park is a destination for cultural, sports and educational activities, as well as festivals, art events, walking, jogging, cycling and snowshoeing. It is truly a park for all seasons.


In alliance with Rocvale in the Province of Quebec