Easton Gateway parking lot


Challenge: The Gateway Shopping development is a multi hundred-acre outdoor mall project. Like many retail developments, Owners want to maximize every square foot of saleable space on their property. Based on the stormwater management needs of the entire project, a massive detention pond would have been needed in the area of the main parking lot for the REI store and surrounding restaurants. While a detention pond would take up much of the needed parking area and underground storage options were cost prohibitive. Unilock was asked to consult on the project and propose a viable solution. Solution: Based on the requirements of high vehicular traffic, rapid stormwater infiltration, lower maintenance cycles, and the size of the project, Unilock suggested installing the Eco Optiloc permeable paver. The ‘L’ interlocking shape provides superior resistance to the forces exerted by vehicular traffic. The 12mm void between units facilitates rapid water infiltration while extending its service intervals, all while remaining ADA compliant. The final element of this project was the installation. Due to the large area of pavers, Eco Optiloc was able to bring with it the advantage of mechanical installation. The shape and lock up characteristics of Eco Optiloc allowed installers to use specialized equipment to lay the pavers with astonishing efficiency, in excess of 10,000 square feet per day, lowering the labor significantly.