Plymouth District Library


As part of the Plymouth District Library repair project, plans were made to fix weathered outdoor signs, refinish the steps and replace the front entrance sidewalk, porch, add larger lighting poles and decorative planters. With nearly a thousand people coming to the library each day, the original entrance and sidewalk had worn out within two decades of use, causing the surface to become uneven. The main entrance was replaced with a combination of Richcliff® and Copthorne® pavers creating a smoother and safer sidewalk. Cast from natural stone surface textures, the pavers offer a beautiful natural appearance that is durable, making them an ideal choice for busy pedestrian streets. The refined surface and long-lasting color are guaranteed to withstand harsh winter conditions that have previously worn out such building elements. As a result, the renovated front entrance opens up access to the parking lot and beautifies the surrounding streetscape, all the while complementing the revitalized library building.