Bridgewater State University


Located in South Eastern Massachusetts, Bridgewater State University recently completed a two year renovation on the east side of Campus at Crimson Hall. This proposed project would serve as a link between two campus areas that are separated by an active commuter rail to the city of Boston. Radner Design was retained to create a design for this area, known as University Park, which would transform an existing parking area for over 400 vehicles and a roadway into 4 acres of green space. The design of this project focused on a central thoroughfare that would become an extension of the existing pedestrian connector to the western end of the campus. It was important to find a paving style and pattern that would relate, yet create a unique sense of being its own element. Unilock worked with both Radner Design and the installing contractor, Chase Landscaping, to create a custom shape, color, and texture combination that pulled all of these ideas together. This project combines three different unit paver modules manufactured with Unilock’s proprietory Umbriano finish. The main walk was constructed using 12×24 modules in Summer Wheat color laid in a linear pattern to emphasize the connection between the two campuses. A series of three outdoor gathering spaces were created and placed throughout the connecting walk. These “common” areas were created with a traditional 4×8 module in Autumn Sunset that is broken up with a series of 8×8 Winter Marvel modules in lineal bands. This is one of many examples of how Unilock can help you create and achieve your goals with most any outdoor space. Give us a call and let us show you how we can help!