The silky, matte texture and unique speckled color palette of Arcana is created by fine blasting its surface to expose a combination of natural granite, quartz and marble particles. These large format slabs are ideal for pool surrounds, roof decks, overlay and pedestal  projects. Arcana features a non-slip surface and is factory sealed with EasyClean™,… 
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Il Campo®

The etched lines on the surface of Il Campo make it a richly detailed, striking choice for virtually any application. Its texture is inviting and unlike any other paver you can buy as it is exclusive to Unilock, while being durable and colourfast.
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The unique surface texture and long-term performance of Series makes it one of our most popular pavers for public squares, streetscapes and other commercial applications. Natural granite and quartz aggregates throughout its micro-pebbled surface create speckles of color and sparkle which is only enhanced as the product is exposed to outdoor elements over time. Ask… 
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Soreno has a sleek, modern look with a fine stone structure that discretely highlights the natural character of every slab. The flamed-like texture is achieved with fine-grained, natural stone grit for a surefooted surface that is smooth and elegant in appearance. Tight dimensional tolerances combined with EasyClean™ stain resistance ensure ease of installation and long-term… 
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The zero bevel edge and granite-like appearance of Unilock Umbriano pavers make it a popular choice for sleek, modern landscape paving projects. Its unique, mottled surface is achieved with ColorFusion™ Technology that randomly disperses rich color and granite particles. This creates a natural look with a non-slip texture. As a result, this product is ideal… 
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