Bronte™ Street Paver

Bronte Street Paver is ideal for heavy-duty vehicular applications with superior load-bearing properties. The interlocking tongue and groove provides maximum performance where vehicles turn, creating a twist load on the paver.
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Dura-Flow™ is specially designed permeable pavement with patented openings called ‘cupules’ that allow for fast cleaning of the joints using standard sweeping equipment. This latest evolution of permeable pavement is suitable for heavy-duty applications and is ADA compliant.
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Optiloc is one of the best solutions for vehicular pavements. It possesses the same locking principal as its relative Anchorlock which is well recognized by unit paver specialists worldwide. Both paver systems have the dual-axis engineering providing superior surface strength and high traffic performance. Ask us about customizing the color and surface of this product.… 
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Turfstone has long been a favorite for utilitarian areas requiring a supported turf. This open-grid pavement with filigree design makes it permanent solution for emergency access areas, embankments, spillways, and environmentally sensitive parking areas. Turfstone has the option of being filled with grass or aggregates depending on the project’s drainage requirements.
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