Product: Eco-Optiloc™ with Series 3000® finish (Special Order)
Product: Eco-Optiloc™ with Series 3000® finish (Special Order)
Product: Eco-Optiloc™ with Standard finish Color: St. Clair
Product: Eco-Optiloc™ with Standard finish Color: St. Clair
Product: Eco-Optiloc™ with Standard finish Color: Terra Cotta
Product: Eco-Optiloc™ with Standard finish Color: Terra Cotta
Product: Eco-Optiloc™ with Standard finish Color: Special Order
Product: Eco-Optiloc™ with Standard finish Color: Special Order
Product: Eco-Optiloc™ with Standard finish Color: Natural
Product: Eco-Optiloc™ with Standard finish Color: Natural

Environmentally friendly paving continues to be on the forefront of our agenda for the future.

This paver has gained world-wide acceptance as the paver-of-choice for performance, and as an environmental solution for drainage. Only the patented “L” shaped design allows you to achieve a superior lock-up that can withstand even the heaviest of loads residentially and commercially. The innovative design creates small voids between the pavers providing drainage into the sub-base.




Special Order Colors
Standard Finish

Standard Finish

Special Order from standard colors - lead time required



Minimum quantities and special pricing may apply. Contact us for more details.

Custom Finish Options

Standard Finish

Standard Finish

Washed Finish

Washed Finish

Brushed Finish

Brushed Finish

Custom Options

Custom Colors and Finishes
With so many different options for customization we ask that you contact your local Unilock Representative for more information about customizing this product.
Minimum quantities will apply.

Shapes & Sizes


26 cm x 26 cm x 8 cm

10.25" x 10.25" x 3.125"

Mechanical Installation

Eco-Optiloc™ has the highest mechanical installation rates of any interlocking permeable paver. The patented L-shaped design makes the paver clusters easy to install quickly and accurately. Installation rates up to 12,000 sq.ft. per machine per day have been documented. This makes Eco-Optiloc™ a very competitive permeable pavement that can be installed even in adverse weather conditions.


Commercial Vehicular
Residential Vehicular
Custom Colors
May be available for this product. Minimum quantities will apply.
Surface Texture
EnduraColor Facemix Technology
EnduraColor products are manufactured in a two-step process which combines a base of coarser aggregates for a stronger foundation, with concentrated color and wear-resistant finer aggregates on top. EnduraColor products are highly resistant to fading because the top layer prevents large, lighter color aggregates from showing through.
Special Order
Minimum quantities apply


Unit SqFt Per Per Bundle Soldier LnFt Per Sailor LnFt Per Units Per Lbs Per
Stones & Bundling Thickness Bundle Layer Section Stone Layers Sections SqFt Section Bundle SqFt Section Bundle SqFt Section Bundle Layers Section Bundle
Standard 3-1/8" (8cm) 73.9 9.24 0.5 8 1.99 147 321 2564

Notes: Special Order - lead time required, minimum quantities apply. Sold in full bundles only and is produced on a refundable skid. Most standard colors are available by special order only and subject to minimum quantities. Custom finish and color options are available. *Weights and square feet may vary depending on plant manufacture and finish. Important: A urethane rubber paver mat must be used to prevent scuffing. This product is optimized for mechanical installation. All measurements are nominal. Contact Unilock for more information.


Eco-Optiloc A

Standard (100%)


Pattern Sheet (.pdf)

.PAT (Imperial)

.PAT (Metric)

Important Information

Eco-Optiloc is the paver-of-choice when it comes to vehicular load performance and as an environmental solution for permeable paved surfaces. The patented "L" shaped design allows you to achieve a superior lock- up that can withstand even the heaviest of loads. Surface textures can be customized for commercial projects.

Base Requirement & Bedding Course –  open graded base specification. 

Handling and Installation – A protective pad is recommended when doing the final paver compaction. This product can be installed mechanically or by hand.

Jointing Material and Joint Stabilization

  • Use only select graded stone chips for void filling
  • Open graded material such as ASTM #8 or granite chip 1/8”-3/16”, dependent on joint spacing of the pavers


  • Product may be sealed but it is not required
  • Unilock Unicare, Alliance, Surebond, BP Pro and Techniseal sealers can be used
  • Select type for desired aesthetics
  • Product must be cleaned before sealing

Cleaners – Any paver cleaner may be used for color restoration or general cleaning. Follow manufacturer’s dilution rates and application procedures.

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ASTM C 936 Standard Specifications for Solid Concrete Interlocking Paving Units

Conforms to:

  • C140 for Absorption and Compressive Strength > 8,000 PSI
  • C67 for Freeze-thaw Durability 
  • C418 for Abrasion Durability

Unilock standards exceed 8,500 PSI for Eco-Optiloc™ products with:

  • 4% absorption avg.
  • 5% absorption max.
  • Dimensional Accuracy +/- 3/64″

Test results available upon request

Meets the U.S. Architectural & Transportation Barrier Compliance Board Slip-Resistance Surfaces Advisory Guidelines



Rainwater Management: LEED V4:

  • Up to three points can be achieved for retaining rain water onsite based on the percentile kept.
  • 85% (zero lot line projects only) – 3 points, 95% – 2 points and 98% – 3 points. (All except Healthcare – subtract one point) See LEED v4 for more specific project details.

Materials and Resources: LEED V4:

Building Product Disclosure and Optimization

Sourcing of Raw Materials – Sourcing of Raw Materials and Extraction • 1 point

Sourcing of Raw Materials – Leadership Extraction Practices • 1 point

Material Ingredient Reporting – Material Ingredient Reporting • 1 point

Material Ingredient Reporting – Material Ingredient Optimization • 1 point

Environmental Product Declaration • 1 point

Eco-Optiloc™ River, 34

32-14-13-Unilock Permeable

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