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How to Choose a Collection

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How to choose a collection

Unilock does not provide one size fits all product solutions in market. Our business is scaled to deliver the right products in the right places. For this reason, we have different product offerings across the company and country. In order to ensure that you are looking at the correct product selection that is close to your project, which may not be where you are located, please ensure that you first identify your project location.

Then choose your collection. In Canada, you have an extensive range of regionally stocked product and therefore this is the best collection to choose. In the United States you can choose the Regional Collection, what is stocked locally but you also have the choice of the Architectural Collection. This is a collection of carefully curated products for commercial projects and is the same throughout the US markets. For the most extensive product line-up to work with, select Architectural & Regional Collections which combines both collections. These three options will provide the most ready-to ship options.

Made to Order provides you with an overview of extensive capabilities. There are many options by finish. Select the finish of interest to view all of the color options and a list of available sizes. If this is the direction you would like to pursue, please contact your Unilock Representative to discuss lead times, pricing, minimums, edge details and more before you specify from this line-up.

For the right projects, the bespoke journey may be the best solution. On this path you will collaborate with your commercial design consultant to build solutions that will uniquely meet your project goals. This can range from new mold sizes to bespoke colors. As this journey is not right for every project please speak with your Unilock Representative to discuss your project needs.

Steps for Browsing Products

  1. Identify Project location
  2. Choose your Collection – Architectural, Architectural & Regional or Regional
  3. View the available products and refine your search
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